Use merj to find real-world plans with friends!

Best friends busy? Plans could use a few more people? We've got you covered.

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The Best App For Getting Off Your Phone

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Hangout with friends you wouldn't think to text

Instantly see which friends are available to hangout or join a nearby event that interests you.

Create Plans

Always have enough friends for whatever you have in mind.

Stay Connected

Keep in touch with all of your friends. Never worry about forgetting to send out an invitation to someone you care about.

Relevant Profiles

Keep up with what your friends like to do. Interests change, friendships don’t have to.

Merj Offers A Wide Range Of Features

Elegant, modern, and effective app for great last-minute plans.

For Friends

Connect with the friends that you would actually like to hangout with.

Find Activities

Get notified when a nearby event might interest you.


Save Your Day

Automatically notify friends when you create an event that might interest them.

Get Off Your Phone

Experience and enjoy every day through shared experiences with your friends.

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Quickly Join Events Created By Your Friends

Create a new event in seconds, join one with the tap of a button.

  • Provide a title, time, place, and interest tag
  • See which events match up with your interests
  • Events can only be seen by your friends

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See which friends are available to hangout

It can be difficult to text someone that you haven't seen for a while, merj takes that concern away by letting you know which of your friends are looking for plans.  Don't worry, they'd love to hear from you!


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